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Under the guidance of the enterprise tenet of "scientific and technological innovation and honest management", the company continuously carries out technological innovation and research and development, and obtains many patented technological products. Moreover, the new product has been praised and praised by customers. The newly developed prefabricated overhead pipeline not only saves the owner's investment, but also greatly reduces the number of patented technological products.

Reform of Centralized Heating with Heat Insulation Pipes in Rural Areas

At present, the status of winter heating in rural areas of northern China is as follows: bulk coal heating is dominant, energy utilization rate is low, and a large number of pollutants are discharged;...

Laying of Thermal Insulation Pipeline in Comprehensive Pipeline Gallery

Underground comprehensive pipeline Gallery (hereinafter referred to as comprehensive pipeline gallery) is a comprehensive corridor of urban underground pipelines, which is to build a tunnel space unde...

Environmental Characteristics of Gas and Thermal Insulation Pipeline System Gall...

The general characteristics of the comprehensive pipeline gallery system are embodied in the following environmental characteristics of the service gallery of the gas and heat preservation pipeline sy...

Common Compensation Ways of Insulation Pipeline

At present, at home and abroad, the development of thermal insulation pipeline directly buried laying technology has a history of more than 60 years. Thermal pipeline directly buried laying generally ...

Several Insulation Structures of Steam Insulation Pipe with Steel Sleeve

In recent years, steel-jacketed steam insulation pipe laying has been more and more applied in heating engineering. With the development of heating scale, strict requirements are put forward for cost ...

Why are the problems of urban central heating and heat preservation pipeline net...

Every year in the heating season, the phenomenon of leakage and leakage of insulation pipeline has become common for heating enterprises, and bursting phenomenon also occurs from time to time. Accordi...
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